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iPhone Application Developer India has established a collection of successful works that prove our dedication for creativity and innovation. Feel free to browse through them all, or email us for more information.

MD Monthly

MD Monthly brings you the latest medical news, health advice, and insights into cutting-edge medical technologies from across the country.


Clever Student Lets – Accommodation Swipe & Search

Search It, Swipe It, View it! Cleverstudentlets’ dedicated student property app makes finding a great student home simple and fun! Using “swipe to like” technology, our app means you can see hundreds of properties throughout Plymouth and book a viewing with one click.


Cityzen Rewards

The free Cityzen app was created as a fun way to discover nearby locations that offer free drinks, food and more. Easily view free offers nearby and track your progress toward earning valuable rewards.


Fish BellyFlop

Fishes have come out on the stroll to enjoy the beautiful sea around. Help them to swim and save from any obstacles on the way!


Varonis VR

Varonis Executive Briefing Center virtual experience. Learn how Varonis helps your company stop insider threats.



CCG is a specialized manufacturer of cable glands and junction boxes with over 200 dedicated employees worldwide.

The CCG application showcases our products, has an interactive guide on selecting the right gland for your requirements, details on locations, and options to contact us for support.


Arbor Quote – Quotation Tool

Arbor Quote – Quotation Tool allows arborists to capture all required information to provide accurate quotes and manage the quotation process between assessors, administration and management.

The way in which app created will help in to grow your business.


Liability Waivers

Liability Waivers by ActivityRez lets you easily create waivers and capture your customers’ signatures on your mobile device. Connect with your existing free, or low cost, cloud storage service to store all of your waivers in the cloud and never bother with physical copies of your signed waivers again!



Kazam was created to be a shipping and courier service using everyday travelers, whether it be the local commuter to work , service or sales personnel traveling from one community to the next, or a college student on his or her way home for a weekend.



Spanglish keyboard for iPhone is the world’s first keyboard dedicated to giving you intelligent word prediction in English and Spanish simultaneously. Spanglish gives you the ability to customize your Spanglish experience by selecting the country of your origin.

When doing so, slang and other words that are unique to your country will be added for your convenience. Spanglish aims to provide a keyboard that allows the user to type just as they would speak.


Discover new beers, track what you drank and earn exciting rewards.

PKWY Tavern loves rewarding its exceptional customers. With the PKWY TEAM app, your beer and rewards information is at your fingertips.


AmeriCAN Citizen

  • Save money by enjoying lower prices per beer.
  • View the full AmeriCAN beer list by state.
  • See which beers you have and haven’t drank and watch as the U.S. map light up.
  • Discover tasty new craft beers to try (over 80 to choose from).
  • Track your points and your status.

Orc Escape

Adam and his friends went for a jungle party and eventually landed up in Orc’s prison.
Adam somehow managed to escape his prison but Orc sensed it and is running behind Adam to catch him…!!
Will you help get Adam and his friends to have an escape?
You can either user gyro or swipe to make them run…


Flagz – Location Based Social Network

Flagz brings your locations to life.

Wherever you are, liven-up your GPS location with content created by users in that area and interact with new and interesting people.



  • Find Duplicate and Merge contacts with one tap!
  • Take backup of contacts in safe place
  • Powerful search
  • Multiple Delete Contacts
  • Quickly send group Text and Mail
  • Upload/Download contacts backup files from PC
  • Reminder
  • Auto Backup….

Libraries of Life

Libraries of Life is a collaborative project of iDigBio, the US National Science Foundation’s National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections, and a growing number of Thematic Collections Networks focused on creating digital, web-deployed information about the nation’s billion biodiversity specimens to benefit science and society.


TableTalk – Your Table Is Waiting

Life happens. Gets in the way of dating and socializing with like-minded individuals. Want to take the busy out of socializing? Use TableTalk to meet new friends, date or even plan and host business functions for your company.

What is TableTalk and why should you care? Simply put, it is a social media app that allows users to plan and organize group dinners or individual dates.


FREE GAME doggie gone

Doggie gone is an addictively simple game about a dog named “Sid” who runs away from home for an incredible adventure! Players use the innovative touch screen of the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhones to make Sid jump over different obstacles and run towards his home. It’s all about Joy!



Keep your finger on the screen and guide Nick or Nickie to walk through the road. But be aware not to step away from the road or bang yourself with obstacles. Run as far as you can. It’s easy to play!

Enjoy Gaming.


Flash – File Transfer

Facing issues with data sharing rates? Is internet connection speed being a hurdle in sharing files and connecting with your loved ones? We have brought something fantastic on board

Flash – is created for quick file sharing and chatting. Flash gives the advantage of sharing the files within fraction of seconds by using the native sharing facilities of your iPhone like Bluetooth and Wifi-hotspot sharing.



It`s time to exploit Indian theme keyboard.

All patriotic people out there get ready for the newest indiAvatars keyboard that will make you feel proud to be an Indian.

Enjoy My Indian Friends and Family.



We all have a need to feel loved.

Different types of effects to match your moods in a real timely & preview before saving.

One way to achieve this is to express our love through thoughtful gestures, or as we like to call them, random acts of thoughtfulness.



Rewind Life – is shaped only for fun of reverse..

From the unusual to the funny and downright bizarre, we bring you a sample of imagination of backward form of real time moments. It also allows you to choose the video from the Gallery..


InnerPeace – Find Your Mind Palace

Inner Peace – The Mind Palace: is a yoga and meditation app carefully crafted for your relaxation and calmness.

In this cut throat competition, our lives pass through a lot of stress and pressure. We have tremendous mood fluctuations which affect our corporate, social, and personal lives.



FotoCopy is one of the image editing/enhancements application anyone would love to have for quick and straightforward editing/enhancements their photos.

Different types of effects to match your moods in a real timely & preview before saving.


Zeal Alert

Zeal Alerts is simply a reminder, but with amazing configurable settings that will remind you of the things that

  • Apple Watch Supported.
  • Zeal Alerts is not just an app, but a ‘helpful companion’.

Storied Myth

Storied Myth is a storytelling experience for 6-10 year olds where the physical and digital come together through augmented reality in an epic adventure!

  • Six stories introducing the world and characters of Pangea
  • The first chapter of the ongoing adventure story

Salvos Stores

Salvos Stores application for the Southern Territory

  • Shop online
  • Find their local store (Southern Territory only)
  • Find out about special offers and new events
  • Apply for volunteering or permanent jobs


Spectapp helps you discover exciting content hidden in printed pages and product packages!

You’ll be able to discover a whole new world of exclusive videos, games, superb 3D objects and many more immersive experiences such as full 360 views of locations as if you’re there! all that simply pops out from a traditional magazine page, a product package or anywhere around you.



“RTO” is an application for those who are going to attend the online test organised by Regional Transport Office (RTO).It’s a very useful app, which provides you with learning\practising facilities in terms of Topic based Mock Tests and Training modules.Each mock test consists of 10 MCQs with no passing criteria. Results are stored for your progress tracking.



האפליקציה הנוחה והפשוטה ביותר להזמנת בעלי מקצוע איכותיים מתחומים נבחרים!

מזינים שם, טלפון, ישוב ותאור קצר של התקלה והאפליקציה תשלח אוטומטית הודעת SMS לחמישה בעלי מקצוע מובחרים באזורכם אשר יחזרו אליכם למתן הצעת מחיר!

לא מחפשים ולא מחייגים! רק מקליקים והם ישר מתקשרים!



Lets enjoy our childhood and be a kid to play FlywithFun.

A funny game with whole new package, Challenge your mind to quickly identify flying or non flying objects that we shown from childhood and lots of funny sounds to refresh your old moments.



Stay Connected with your loved ones ANYTIME & ANYWHERE for FREE. Catch Buddies offer the three F’s.

It’s Fun, Fast and Free.

With Catch Buddies, you are never away from your loved ones.


Mobile Assistant – Talk It

TALK IT is a free application add-on for use by subscribers to the services provided by Mobile Assistant.

TALK IT by Mobile Assistant delivers a very simple approach to note taking- Talk, Don’t Type!


JoBaka Family

“JO BAKA ………………………………..ARE NICHE JO “

Guys now enjoy a lot, With more custom, fun images and text which you want to share.

Enjoy with craziest combination of baka-bakudi, Lala-Lali,Chaka-Chakudi,Bhura-Bhuri,Tina-Tini,Kaka-


Work safely with PV systems

From 2011 to the end of 2013, the number of installations of photovoltaic/solar systems (PV) in Australia grew by 225%. 2014 commenced with more than 2 million PV systems operating in Australia. Emergency services personnel now have a greater likelihood of responding to structures at which a PV system is installed.


Hub Monkey

Visiting a city for the first time? Exploring your own hometown? Let the local expert show you around! Free to download on Google Play and App Store, Hub Monkey is your own personal virtual travel guide scouting the entire city for all the info you need. Traveling is made easy with Hub Monkey City Guides: just plug into the hub for your city to find the best places to visit, coolest local events, and up to the minute deals.

Brite Idea

Brite-Idea is a showcase of selected Commercial Food Service Equipment and Supply products that offer unique VALUE to the food service operator, owner, and manager. Margins are too slim, and budgets are too tight to spend dollars on products that do not perform better and last longer than your expectations.



NotionNote Seize your thoughts and ideas as illustrations, diagrams, notes, drawings or sketches and share all of them across the network through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Dropbox and iCloud.

AFN Fishing TV

Australia’s leading Online Fishing TV Channel

AFN Fishing TV’s app provide 100’s of great fishing shows from Australia & abroad, with new shows uploaded regularly.

Via the App you can watch free, full-length videos and then sign up to watch 100’s of shows on demand at your leisure.



Try this handy app to calculate how much material you need for your different landscaping or gardening projects. Includes tree and shrub photos and descriptions.….



Pushsaver Is Your Lifeline For Staying In The Know On Local Promotions Of Shopping Or Dining, Community And Sporting Events, Government Notifications And Much More. With Our Location-Based Services Pushsaver App Users Have The Ability To Customize Their App To Their Own Specific Needs And Interest And Receive Tailored Promotions And Notifications From Pushsaver Merchants.



Unleashing The Interior Designer In You, Paint My Place Let’s You Paint Your Property, Inside And Out, With The World’s Favourite Paint Brand Colors Without Lifting A Paintbrush.

Paint My Place App Is Your Design Tool To Virtually Repaint Your Property, Without Lifting A Paint Brush, Ensuring You Get It Right The First Time.….

OMNI Ultrasound

The OMNI App allows you to interact with 3D/4D images of your unborn baby throughout the course of your pregnancy. This App also enables you to share your experience with family and friends through Facebook and Email.

You can enter your baby’s estimated due date and at the touch of a button you will be able to calculate your baby’s ultrasound scan dates (at 7, 12, 19 and 32 weeks gestation).



iGarage application helps you to choose which kind of garage doors looks good on your garage. You can take picture or choose image of your garage door after that add different types of garage doors image like Ranch Doors, Heritage Doors, Slim Line Doors, Glacier Doors and Flat Line doors on that image which gives you perfect idea what suites you best color wise and size wise….


The Engine Tester

Monitoring The Health Of Your Engine Has Never Been Easier Owning A Car Is A Privilege And Joy, But Also A Major Investment And Responsibility. To Keep Your Precious Means Of Transportation Running Smoothly, You Have To Monitor The Engine, Check The Lights And Signals, Maintain Fluid Levels, Ensure That The Battery Is Strong, And Keep Track Of A Myriad Of Additional Factors. All Of This Tracking And Analyzing May….


Zeal Tic Tac Toe

A Simple Game With More Fun And A New Interesting Feature Of Custom User Pictures In Place Of Boring Cross And Dot.

User Can Select 1 Player Or 2 Player Game Modes.

You Can Enjoy Playing With Six Different Themes As Zealous, Heritage, Glow, User Pic, Wooden Shelf And Black Board.


Psychic Love Doctor Reading

The Psychic Love Doctor Is In — Get A Free Psychic Reading Using Ordinary Playing Cards Any Time You Feel You Need Special Insight About Your Life – Instantly! Readings Are Not Restricted To Romance And Relationships, Feel Free To Ask Away On Any And All Situations In Your Life.….



Zealmeal Is A Recent Addition To Itune Store That Is 100% Free And Provides Trusted And Accurate Restaurant Ratings And Curated Restaurant Reviews For Thousands Of Top Restaurants In United State, United Kingdom, Australia And India.

  • Full Retina Support For Iphone 5
  • Simple User Interface And Intuitive User Experience….

Ultimate Shopping List

Create Custom Shopping Lists And Track Your Last Purchase Date And Quantity For Every Item You Buy With Ultimate Shopping List!

Ultimate Shopping List Is Easy To Use, Robust And Offers The Ability To Track Your Shopping List Without Any Fuss. Whether You Want To Save Time, Cut Down On The Amount Of Money You Spend, Or Just Get The Best Organization Possible On Your Shopping Trips, Ultimate Shopping List Is The App For You!….

SnowSeekers Go-Guide

The Snowseekers Go-Guide 4.0 Delivers The Latest And Greatest Information For Dozens Of Western Canadian Winter Destinations To Your Iphone/Ipod & Ipad.

  • Snowseeker’s Trip Planner Allows You To Unlock The Best Of The Destination Through A Series Of Suggestions To Help Make Your Trip Smooth.
  • Digital Coupon Book: Digital Deals On Lift Tickets, Hotels, Tours And Activities, Merchandise, And Food & Beverage.….

Apache Pizza Delivery

The Apache Express Pizza App. Is A Customized App From Apache Pizza, Irelands Leading Pizza Restaurant And Delivery Chain. The App Allows The User To Build Their Own Pizza – Adding From A Selection Of Toppings And Then Ordering From Their Local Store! The App Also Has A Handy, Find Your Local Store” Feature So You Will Always Have A Means Of Finding Your Nearest Apache Pizza Store In Hand!


Law Call Online

This App is easy and simple to use rather than waiting to be put into the right department and waiting on a Call this app is a simple tool to file your enquiry and we shall direct you to the right Professional for your needs.

Dennings solicitors provide you with a simple App to consult and email within minutes your enquiry whilst your out and about during your busy life.….


Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa Is A Forming Part Of Hindu Literature Which Has Derived From Ramacharitmanasa. It Has Gained Enormous Amount Of Popularity In Modern-Day India. People In India Has A Believe That Chanting Hanuman Chalisa 100 Times A Day Will Make Them Free From The Cycle Of Birth And Death.

Hanuman Chalisa Consists Of 40 Mantra Stanzas Praising Lord Hanuman, Written By Shri Tulsi Das(1497/1532–1623)….

Money Tracker

Money Tracker App Is The Ultimate Solution For People Looking For A Personal Budget Tracking Software To Keep A Track On Their Expenses. Simply Put, You Can Use This Mobile App To Stick To Your Budget Defined On A Daily, Weekly, Monthly Or Yearly Basis, Which In Turn Help You Save Money.
On Top Of All, It’s Absolutely Free!
So, What’s Holding You Now? Download This App Today….


Mobile Order Checker Dashboard for Magento

We are excited to tell you that it’s finally here: the Mobile Order Statistics Dashboard for Magento. This App allows you to view the orders of your Magento ecommerce webshop. You can also view a summary of all your Magento store statistics like the number of orders today, the total order amount today and the average order amount.….


My Materials

My Materials Is A New And Free Way For Contractors Across All Trades To Get Quotes For The Construction Materials They Need Using Their Iphone. Simply Select The Supplier Category (9 To Choose From), Fill In Our Request For Quote Form With The Materials You Need And Submit It. We Will Then Match You To The 5 Most Suitable Local Suppliers Who Will Contact You Directly With Their Best Offers.….


Become a Celeb

  • Simply Choose A Category And Find Out Which Movie Character’s Personality You Are Most Like By Answering A Few Quick Questions.
  • You can share your super hero character result with your friends via facebook , twitter , googleplus and email