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January 22 2014 • General Explore Cleaner Experience With Foursquare 7.0

For iOS7 style, Foursquare app has become much stronger and more impressive with time. It is taking advantage of thin fonts and solid colors. Foursquare says the updated app is a lot faster, and it’s trying to make exploring locations quicker too by displaying details on nearby places as soon as you open it. This […]

September 3 2013 • iOS How to Start Developing for iOS 7 Now?

Apple has announced iOS7 this year. And this newest version of iOS is a gift to mobile developers from Apple Inc. Which is a dramatic new release with a new look as well as a treasure trove of new functions. Yes it is true that, experienced app developers will learn the new features relatively quickly […]

July 16 2013 • iPhone Enigmatic iWatch Will Be on Your Way Soon

Nowadays, the trend of upgrading to the brand-new technology is catching fire. Lately, as we have been hearing a lot about the Apple iWatch, which is a rumored ‘smartwatch’. iWatch is an Apple smart watch which is actually a ‘wearable’ device, can also be called as ‘wrist-worn’ device. Apple iWatch And The Mystery About Its […]

June 27 2013 • iOS An Overview of Updated Google+ for iOS with New Interactive Offers

Introduction Huge improvements have been done to the Google+ for iOS by adding Auto Enhance, Hashtags and interactive offers. In short, a great reformation has done with photos and the streams. Changes in Google+ version 4.4.0 for iOS Noticeable changes have been done in Google+ version 4.4.0. Here is the list of those changes: Google+ […]

September 28 2012 • General New Advanced iTunes Store

iTunes, a media player computer program designed by Apple and launched on January 9, 2001 is used for playing, downloading, and saving digital music and videos on desktop, laptops, iPod, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iTunes can connect with iTunes Store where music or videos can be downloaded or purchased along with games, audiobooks, podcasts.