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Enigmatic iWatch Will Be on Your Way Soon

Nowadays, the trend of upgrading to the brand-new technology is catching fire. Lately, as we have been hearing a lot about the Apple iWatch, which is a rumored ‘smartwatch’. iWatch is an Apple smart watch which is actually a ‘wearable’ device, can also be called as ‘wrist-worn’ device.

Apple iWatch And The Mystery About Its Release Date

The news about the Apple iWatch release can be called as a rumor as Apple itself has not yet declared publicly about the release date of iWatch project.

But it has been heard that a trademark application has been filed on 3rd June, by the Apple Inc. for an iWatch in Japan.

So, we can sit with our fingers crossed and wait for this particular device to launch as it also has been heard that this application is under examination and has filed under a category named ‘watch like device’, according to an official meting at the Patent Office in Tokyo.


Expected features of iWatch :

Well, about iWatch, it goes something like this:

It is a Smart Wrist Watch made of curved glass which is expected to be connected with other iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone so that specific content can be pushed into the device.

Some of the expected features of iWatch are that:

  1. It can make calls
  2. Visual voice mails are accessible
  3. Caller ID can be checked
  4. Updates of weather are possible
  5. It can also access stock, sensors for health monitoring, maps
  6. And many more are expected.

It really sounds great!! But let’s see what happens…

Death of Smart Phone Era is coming

As we all know that Apple is a company full of surprises, which comes up with their innovative products or gadgets or technology at regular intervals and has always got a positive response from the users.

From such innovative inventions which are coming into the market these days, it seems that Smartphones will die out one day ! Day by day Apple is expanding iOS with new features to augment its brand. Recently Apple has updated Google+ for iOS with new features.

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